Science promises so much, but I have yet to see Scientists deliver on all those promises. Never mind the flying cars and jetpacks, and the transporters and warp drive that we were promised by the writers in the Church of Science. Most of us knew not to believe those false prophecies from the beginning. What about all those cures for illnesses from the cult of medicine, and the promise of rehabilitation for criminals from the cult of psychiatry?

If anything, medicine is just giving us more illnesses. Statistics show that fewer and fewer people are dying of “natural causes”; there is a specific – apparently unnatural – cause of death listed for nearly everyone these days. Cancer used to be a fairly rare thing to be spoken of in hushed voices, but today it’s a leading killer. As musician Joe Jackson laments: “everything gives you cancer”. All that Science actually delivers is the bad stuff.

And rehabilitation of criminals? Not by a long-shot. It’s gotten so bad that the United States (“now with 1/3 less religion”) actually has more of its citizens (per capita) locked up than any other country in the world! Even the Soviet Union of Russia locks up a smaller percentage of its people, presumably because after the fall of Communism people are flocking back to the Russian Orthodox Church (and to Jehovah’s Witnesses and to Islam). It’s almost as if the more people we put into these “correctional institutions” the more criminals we were ending up with? Maybe it’s because there aren’t enough dedicated, evangelical chaplains in these secular prisons?

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