Jason A. Quest (writer, editor, visual effects) was born to a former virgin and raised in a Calvinist home in the American Midwest, where God always came first, and Mom was lucky if she came at all. Jason went to Christian schools, where he excelled in Theology class, but ended up going to art school instead. Oops.

He flirted with a major in Illustration (and with a couple of cute Illustration majors), but never quite got his BFA. Nonetheless, the combo of simultaneous classes in “creative writing” and “religion in art” rekindled his smoldering lust for creating comics… Holy Comics.

Jason’s other online works include:

  • Fetus Christ – “What if the Virgin Mary had an abortion?”
  • It Gets Better – a message of encouragement and hope for youth who think they might be gay
  • Neverpedia – an encyclopedia of info about Peter Pan and J. M. Barrie

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Ozzy Longoria (artist) was born in Hidalgo, Mexico in the Spring of 1975. When he was a kid he developed a taste for all kinds of plastic arts, but he was more attracted to drawing comic books, with Spider-Man and Mexican comics Kaliman, Karmatron, and Memin Pinguin feeding his imagination.

In 1997 he started studying under the wing of Oscar Gonzalez Loyo, Oscar Gonzalez Guerrero, and Suzy Romero, all part of Kaboom Studio. In 1999 he decided to move to the USA, looking for more opportunities in the world of comics. In 2006 he created Gemini Studio to self publish his own stories also provide opportunities for new talents.

Ozzy has also done art for Quantum: Rock of Ages, Blue Moon Superheroes, and his own Project: Noahʼs Ark, Dead of Night and Nathaniel Demon comics. His current project is Sails of Blood.

Name Withheld (colorist, letterer) denies all knowledge or responsibility for this work.