One thing that Science will never give anyone is absolute Certainty. They may talk like it, but believers in Science are never really 100% sure of what they know.

Sure, they’re convinced that the Earth is round, that germs cause diseases, that lead cannot be turned into gold, and other self-evident things. But if you push them on it, they’ll eventually admit that under the rules of their religion, it’s theoretically possible that any of these things might be wrong. Which is nonsense.

God gives us certainty. We don’t need to conduct endless tests confirming that our theories haven’t been proven wrong yet. We just get assurance of everything from Scripture. We don’t need to know everything, we don’t even need to understand. We just know.

Professor Atheos here suggests global warming and the situation in the Holy Land as two things that he doesn’t have the answer to. Neither does Captain Miracle, but he doesn’t need an answer, he doesn’t need to figure out an answer, because he knows that Someone already has an answer.

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